Beeswax Candle Certificate Course

  What is a Beeswax Candle?

Beeswax, also known as Bee Wax
A beeswax candle made from beeswax, which is produced when honeybees form a nest, produces almost no smoke after ignition and has a slight, natural, sweet smell.
It is a very popular candle for people who are natural-minded because it is a natural material that is kind to the body.

 Pure natural beeswax candle certificate course details

  • Total 6 hours(Make 4 works)
    ※The shortest can get the qualification of the instructor in one day!
  • Course Fee $600
  • Ingredients, Tools, and Textbook(update soon)
  • Certification Fee $300 ( Certificate, Recipe for your own class x 3)
  • Annual Fee $48 (JSA members are now not required to pay additional fees)

In the beeswax candle certificate course, you can not only make elegant and stylish works, but also learn the basics of all candles, basic methods of operation, coloring methods, and how to use beeswax to create slender flowers. It’s a very practical course!

Learn to make beeswax candles, not only can you open a candle course, but also use the work as a wedding gadget, sell it through the Internet, and even display it on the event, and you can use all kinds of methods that you didn’t expect.

【Lesson 1】Striped lace candle (1.5 hours)


First, you will learn the basics of beeswax candle making and make a pillar candle. In addition, you can learn how to make colored beeswax made with beeswax characteristics, and use this to create a stylish striped candle.

You will learn:

  • How to dissolve beeswax and coloring method
  • Candle core coating
  • Candle molding
  • How to make a color sheet
  • How to make and paste stripes
  • How to make and paste lace and Embossed portrait

【Lesson 2】Embossed label candle〜Rose〜(1.5 hours)

By learning the technique of embossed labels with three-dimensional effects and gloss, you can make an original candle perfect for gifts and sales.
Since the elegant rose is also made of beeswax, it can be burned with candles.
By learning the three-dimensional modeling skills of beeswax candles, the possibility of candle making is greatly expanded.

You will learn:

  • How to make large and small roses
  • How to make leaves
  • How to paste a flower
  • How to make an embossed label

【Lesson 3】Flower Candle 〜Ranunculus〜(1.5 hours)

Paste a lot of petals made of beeswax and make a round ranunculus with a lovely round shape. By learning how to make flower candles with high similarity to real flowers, you can make a variety of different kinds of flower candles.

You will learn:

  • How to use a suitable tool for flower candles
  • How to paste petals
  • How to assemble Ranunculus
  • How to make flower core of flower candle
  • How to pass the candle core

【Lesson 4】Graduation work(1.5 hours)~Maximize your design skills~

Combine the techniques used in the first three lessons to create an originally designed candle. This lesson is not only a review but also a program designed to enable students to acquire the indispensable design and sequence of instructors.
By taking exams within the course, you will be able to teach and sell as an instructor immediately after graduation. (Including accreditation course)
In addition, it is not only as long as you can participate in the course, but you can also become a lecturer. Only pass through the graduation examinations organized by the association can you be confident and continue to be active in this field as a lecturer. (If the test is not passed, the test will be taken again on the next day)


  • Students should participate in all 4 lessons starting from lesson 1.
  • For the first and second courses, two consecutive courses are required.
  • You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)
  • After passing the graduation exam, you need to register as a lecturer (Authorized registration fee $1,500· annual fee $300 ) After registration you will receive a certification from Japan Salonaise Association within 4 weeks.
  • Every new instructor will receive 3 free gift recipes and a textbook manual.