Calligraphy Icing® Cookie Instructor Course

• Course times: 4 lessons (6 hours)
• Lesson fee: $4,250
• Ingredients, Tools and textbooks: $2,200
• Certification Fee $1,500 (Certificate, Gift recipe x 3)
• Annual membership fee: $300

7 years ago, the first “Icing Cookie Certificate Course” was held in Japan. JSA has cultivated more than 6000 icing cookie instructors and has always been a leader in the icing cookie industry.
We are committed to further developing and enhancing the icing industry in Japan while continuing to develop new courses for everyone to learn the most advanced technology in the world.
The 8th new icing cookie course is “Calligraphy Icing® Cookie Certificate Course”.
The so-called Calligraphy is the meaning of Western calligraphy. Among them, “Modern Western Calligraphy “, which is based on traditional Western calligraphy and incorporates self-style innovation, has gradually gained popularity in the world.
This course is the first in Japan to combine “Western calligraphy× JSA icing cookie technique”. In this course, modern Western calligraphy techniques are applied to icing biscuits, and you can learn 3 types of fonts (Elegant, Casual, Block) and more than 30 techniques of writing artistic icing cookies JUST within 1 day.
This course is full of content, not only to learn how to use the Nozzle to express the Western calligraphy (Piping) ™ technique, and to use a brush suitable for a variety of different painting styles to depict modern Western calligraphy and illustration techniques on cookies. In addition, by learning the painting skills of Ink Art, Tole Paint, and Water Color, you can master the techniques to make icing cookie more wonderful.

(Attache 辻順子氏)
In addition, this course invites Ms. Tsuji Junko-shi, who is a very popular Western calligrapher in the Kansai area of Japan, to jointly supervise, and hopes to use the skills of modern Western calligraphy and the fusion of icing cookie technology that JSA is good at “Calligraphy Icing Cookies” spread from Japan to the whole world.

Lesson 1     Seat card icing cookie (1.5 hours)
This lesson will use the techniques of Ink Art and Piping™ to create a seat card that looks like an overseas wedding.
・Writing method of Western calligraphy (Elegant Font, Block Font)
・Method of making ink art base
・Transfer method
・Method of making icing suitable for writing art, and the Western calligraphy (Piping)
In the course, you can make it with your favorite color and name.

Lesson 2 Kids Birthday Cookies (2 hours)
Combine calligraphy and watercolor to create a cute two-tiered birthday cake and balloon cookies.
You will learn:
・How to fill icing that is three-dimensional and does not collapse
・How to draw gradation characters (block font)
・Method of three-dimensional painting with watercolor.

Lesson 3     Botanical message card (1.5 hours)
Learn how to draw botanical illustrations using the technique of tole paint, and complete a fashionable botanical message card.
・How to draw a casual font with a brush
・How to paint tole paint (3 types of rose, flower bud, wrinkled paper flower, daisy, 3 types of leaves)

Lesson 4 Graduation production (1 hour)
This lesson will make use of the techniques learned in the first three lessons to create an original design Calligraphy icing cookie.
Since the work is also an exam for graduation production, there will be several requirements.
By attending exams in the course, you can start classes as lecturers immediately after graduation. (Including Calligraphy icing cookie Certificate course).
In addition, you cannot become an instructor as long as you complete the course. Only if you pass the exam can you be confident and continue to be active in this field as an instructor.

• Students should participant in all 4 lessons starting from lesson 1.
• You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)
• After the end of the 4th lesson, must submit the application form of the association’s instructor qualification and carry out the certification process (Certificate fee $1,500 and Membership fee $300)
• After registration you will receive a certification from JSA. Every new instructor will receive 3 free gift recipes and a textbook manual.