Clear Candle Certificate Course

  What is Clear Candle?

We named transparent candles made with paraffin or gel wax “clear candles”, because of their transparent appearance.
It can be freely arranged by pouring it into a bottle, setting it in a mold, or putting various parts in it. In particular, the gel candle is a common course for children to do in the classroom.

  Clear candle certificate course details

Total  6 hours  (Make 7 works)
※The shortest can get the qualification of the instructor in one day!

  • Course Fee $3,200
  • Ingredients, Tools, and Textbook $2,100
  • Certification Fee $1,500 (  Certificate, free recipe for your own class x 3)
  • Annual Fee $300 (JSA members are now not required to pay additional fees)

This course teaches you how to make candles by using more than 32 different techniques such as basic knowledge of making paraffin and gel wax, coloring method, the method of making cracks, and gradation…

This course, through the production of fashionable and cute works, masters the teaching techniques of 28 kinds of techniques for making clear candles, from basics to modeling changes. After learning, it can show unlimited creativity.
This clear candle course is not only for adults but also for children’s classes. You can use the works for gifts, sell through the internet, and even display them at the event.

【Lesson 1】Clear Aroma Wax ~ Sachet & Glass Candle ~(1.5 hours)

First of all, you must learn the basics of making candles, and then add your favorite oil to make a fragrance wax. 

We combine gel wax with a wax sachet to make it looks transparent. In addition, after learning the techniques of making a scented candle cup, you can create original candles by adding various accessories.

You will learn:

  • How to dissolve gel wax
  • How to dissolve paraffin wax and micro wax
  • How to color wax
  • How to coat candle core
  • How to make aroma wax sachet
  • How to decorate shell parts
  • How to fix the corn button

【Lesson 2】Garden crack candle (1.5 hours)

Learn how to make basic beautiful pillar candles.

In this class, a lot of production techniques will be incorporated into a candle, including the method of making gradient dyes, cracks, the method of making double-layer candles, the configuration technique of dry flowers, etc.

You will learn:

  • How to plasticize the candle
  • How to make a two-tiered candle
  • How to make a crack candle
  • How to make a gradation candle
  • How to put dry flower

【Lesson 3】Clear Stone Candle~Gemstone&Ball Candle~(1.5 hours)

Learn to use two different ways to create a gemstone candle with super popularity. Like a natural stone, it is a very popular design now. 

In addition, if you learn the techniques of a ball-shaped gel candles, you can put various parts into the candle and make an original ball candle.

You will learn:

  • How to make a gemstone candle (2 types)
  • Gold-painted method
  • How to make a ball-type gemstone candle
  • How to make gel wax pieces

【Lesson 4】Graduation works(1.5 hours)~Maximize design capabilities~

Combine the techniques used in the first three lessons to create an originally designed candle. This lesson is not only a review but also a program designed to enable students to acquire the indispensable design and sequence of instructors.

By taking exams within the course, you will be able to teach and sell as an instructor immediately after graduation. (Including accreditation course)

In addition, it is not only as long as you can participate in the course, but you can also become a lecturer. Only pass through the graduation examinations organized by the association can you be confident and continue to be active in this field as a lecturer. (If the test is not passed, the test will be taken again on the next day)


  • Students should participate in all 4 lessons starting from lesson 1.
  • For the first and second courses, two consecutive courses are required.
  • You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)
  • After passing the graduation exam, you need to register as a lecturer (Authorized registration fee $1,500 · annual fee $300 ) After registration you will receive a certification from Japan Salonaise Association within 4 weeks.
  • Every new instructor will receive a free gift from JSA, including recipes for your own use and a textbook manual.