Clear & Eco Resin Craft™ Certificate Course

  Clear & Eco Resin Craft™ Certificate Course

All 6 lessons (6 hours, 7 works)
*You can obtain the qualification in only one day!*

  • Course Fee  HKD $3,400
  • Ingredients, Tools and Textbook HKD $2,513
  • Certification Fee  HKD $1,500 (Certificate, Recipe for your own class x 3 )
  • Annual Fee HKD $300 

All the class work is made of clear resin and pottery-like, environmentally friendly Eco Resin. It is the first certificate course in the world to qualify for these handicrafts.

Eco Resin Craft™ is very popular in the UK. It is a new type of handicraft that can make pottery-like daily necessities without firing. Eco resin does not use volatile organic compounds (VOC), but is made of sustainable materials that are friendly to humans and the environment. It is a “next-generation handicraft” that has attracted attention all over the world.

In the course, you can learn the basic methods of using two kinds of resins, the basic knowledge of clear resin, the method of combining other materials with resins, the method of using clear resin to add 3D decorations or other materials, and you can also learn the white wave art.

It can be used as tableware by coating clear resin on the surface of eco resin. The epoxy resin used in the classroom is the only epoxy resin that has passed the FDA certification and complies with the Japanese Food Sanitation Law. It is harmless, non-toxic, and tasteless after hardening.

*This course is open to everyone, from beginners to experienced.*

【Lesson 1】Learn Eco Resin  (2 Hours)


Use 2 types of resins to make the base of 6 works.


  • Knowledge of 2 types of resin
  • Usage of eco resin
  • How to mix the eco resin
  • How to color the eco resin
  • How to pour the eco resin
  • How to eliminate air bubbles
  • How to paint patterns with eco resin
  • How to remove from the mold
  • Sanding
  • About the sealer

【Lesson 2】Square Tray [2 types](1 Hour)

Learn the basics of clear resin and how to combine it with eco resin.

Create a contrasting Half & Half design tray and a marbled coated tray.


  • How to use eco resin and precautions
  • Mixing Method
  • Coloring Method
  • How to make Half & Half design
  • How to use gold leaves
  • How to pour
  • How to use gold powder
  • How to draw a draft
  • How to make marble pattern
  • How to use the heat gun
  • How to eliminate air bubbles

【Lesson 3】Jewelry Box(45 mins)

Use natural stone (crystal), adding 3D decoration to the cover.
By learning 3D technology, use various materials to make 3D decorations


  • Covering method
  • How to bond natural stone
  • 3D decoration method
  • How to sweep gold powder
  • How to make a sparkle effect
  • How to use golden gravel

【Lesson 4】Flower Tray(45 mins)

Learn how to coat the surface of eco resin with clear resin.

By learning the method of coating and adding a variety of accessories, you can make eco resin works for food.


  • How to put dried flowers
  • Precautions when using dried flowers
  • How to pour

【Lesson 5】White Wave Art (1 hour)

Use eco resin as a base, and softer and smoother colors to create white wave art. complexion.


  • How to pour gradual color
  • How to pour as waves
  • Resin suitable for white wave・coloring
  • How to paint white wave art

【Lesson 6】Graduation Work (1 Hour)

Graduation Exam. You will apply all the techniques you have learned from the class to make an original coaster.

Passing the graduation exam means you can start your own class as a JSA certificated instructor (including certificate courses).  It does not mean that you will get the certificate after finishing our course. You NEED to pass the graduation exam to become our JSA instructor! (If you don’t pass the exam, you need to retake it!)




  • Students should participate in all 6 lessons starting from lesson 1.
  • You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)
  • After passing the graduation exam, you will receive a certification from Japan Salonaise Association in 4 weeks.
  • Every new instructor will receive a free gift from JSA, including recipes for your own use and a textbook manual.