Deco Steam Bun Instructor Certificate Course

Deco Steam Bun Instructor Certificate Course ( 14 works·30 techniques )

  • 2×6= 12 hours
  • Fee HKD $7,630 (Course Fee HKD $6,800、Ingredients, Tools and Textbook Fee HKD $830)
  • Certification Fee HKD $1,500 ( 3 free recipes for your own use )
  • Annual Fee HKD $300

※You can finish the course in only TWO days!

📣JSA Steam Buns Course!

These little cute steamed buns are very popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It was because JSA had an association in Hong Kong and Taiwan that it was able to improve and develop this course. This course does not use mixed flour, so you can learn how to make authentic dough from the basics, so it is a fulfilling course that will satisfy both beginners and experienced bakers.


【Lesson 1】

🌼『Rose Steamed Bun』(2hours)

Roll Rose, Elegant Rose

How to make basic dough・how to coloring・how to make steamed buns・how to steam etc.

Two Kinds of rose steamed bun made with slightly sweet dough are also delicious. Despite it is smile, It will be the cutest artwork in parties!

【Lesson 2】

🌼『Girly Steamed bun』(2 hours)

Leopard Gua Bao・Ribbon Gua Bao・Flower Gua Bao

You will learn how to make Gua Bao, a classial Taiwan dim sum. Inside will put the favourite ingredients such as simmered pork and make this Chinese-style burger looks very cute. If you invite your friends and enjoy topping freely, it will be a fun lunch time!

【Lesson 3】

🌼『Hedgehog in the forest steamed bun~ chocolate bean paste』(2 hours)

Stump, Mushroom, Hedgehog

How to make spiral patterns, how to make crack effects, hot to use scissors to cut.

Such a cute steamed bun, if it used as a gift, will definitely make your friends happy.

【Lesson 4】

🌼『Japanese style steamed bun~ white bean paste』(2 hours)

Furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloth) ・Sakura・Daisy

It is a colorful Deco steamed bun made with a Japanese design. You will learn how to shape delicate patterns using a knife or scissors.

【Lesson 5】

🌼『Bear Steamed Bun」〜Black bean paste〜』(2 hours)

You will learn how to make large works and how to make 3D works. If you learn how to make large-sized works and 3D works, you will be able to create more art and originality steamed bun with storylines.

【Lesson 6】

🌼『Graduation Work』(2 hours)

Combine the skills you learned in the previous sessions with your own sensibility and create 2 original steam buns.



  • 這6堂課程,學員必須依照順序從第1堂開始上課。
  • 付款後,概不接受任何理由的退費。請深思熟慮後再報名參加。(如在不得已情況下須更改上課日期,請提出與我們商量。)如因生病未能出席亦請提交病假紙以茲證明, 否則將不可改期及所交款項恕不退還。請深思熟慮後再報名參加。
  • 依據廠商的庫存情況,道具組內的商品款式或顏色可能有所改變,敬請見諒。
  • 第6堂課程結束之後,必須進行本協會講師認證登錄手續(證書費用 $1,500、年會費 $300)
  • 當認證手續完成後,會在4週左右以郵寄的方式寄出日本salonaise烘焙協會的講師證書(日後再認證的情況均不受理)
  • 成為講師的人,我們將給予一份禮物,包含自行授課用講義3份,以及講師說明手冊(免費)。