Doggy Deco Sweets Certificate Course

  • 5 Lessons (Total 7.5 hours)    $5,600 ( Course Fee  $4,300、Ingredients, Tools and Textbook Fee $1,300)
  • Certification Fee $1,500  (Certificate·1 day lesson recipe x 3 )
  • Annual Membership Fee  $300
  • You can obtain the qualification within 1 DAY!


 『Doggy is a important family member!~Let’s make cute handmade sweets for your doggy~』

JSA has launched a brand new certificate course on doggy deco sweet! And the course is supervised by a veterinarians .

“It’s my dog birthday, i really want to make a cut cake to celebrate it!” “I want to make handmade safe snack for my doggy” “I really want to make handmade sweets for my friend’s  pet dog” “I want to sell doggy sweet” If you have the above ideas, you can learn how to make adorable deco sweets in just 1 DAY (7.5 hours)

It is very useful no matter it is birthday party, Halloween ,Christmas, or even Valetine’s Day!

In addition, besides the cute designs of our doggy deco sweet certificate course, please pay attention to its deliciousness too. It is full of nutrients, doggy will defintely love these attractive cake.

There is more and more people who would love to make handmade sweets for their doggy, Come to complete our course, become an instructor and help us to promote doggy sweet!

【Course Supervisor】Veterinarian Dr. Hiramatsu Ikuko

Dr. Hiramatsu Ikuko Comment “Dogs are important family members. It will be great if you use safe ingredients to make cute sweets to celebrate their birthday. If you make it your own, then you will know what ingredients you use making you feel more at ease. Although it may look diffcult to make doggy sweet, but it sure no problem if you study hard to become an doggy sweet instructor. Not only the cute designs of the course, you will also satisfy in its deliciousness and nutrition.”

Lesson 1『Doggy Icing Cookie』(1 hour)


How to make doggy cookie / How to make doggy icing / how to adjust the hardness of icing / piping / filling / how to write / how to make wet on wet pattern  / About storage

You can learn how to make the best cookies for doggy, how to decorate with icing, and put on your favourite letter. If you make doggy icing cookie as a gift , the receiver will be so happy! It is cute to put it on cake too~

Lesson 2『Pupcake 』(1.5 hours)

How to make doggy pupcakes / How to make cream (handmade doggy cheese base) / Flat top decoration method / 3D decoration / how to write with double line

Dog cakes are called “Pupcake” overseas.
You can make a 3D dog-themed cup cake of your favorite dog breed. You can choose from 12 JSA original designs, and you can also made with reference to illustrations or photos of your dog.

Lesson 3『Caricature Dripping Cake』 (2 hours)

How to bake a whole cake / how to decorate the cream (vegetable base) / how to color the dripping cream / how to make doggy fondant / how to spread the cream / how to make dripping / how to make 2D caricature cake / how to pipe flowers

Make a caricature cake with cute doggy face.
In addition to the design prepared by JSA, you can also use your favorite photos or illustrations to create the cake.
Face-painted cakes with text added to the fondant, which is perfect for a doggy birthday cake.

Lesson 4『3D Doggy Cake』(2 hours)

How to make a 3D cake base / How to combine the head and body / How to make cream for 3D decoration (vegetable base) / How to decorate a 3D cake / How to show the furry / How to pipe ears, hands and feet / How to make accessories

You can learn to make a realistic and cute 3D cake that looks like a doll. The super cute 3D cake is made of dog’s favorite ingredients. It is sure the cake have a lot of nutritious. Remember to take a photo with your doggy first♪

Lesson 5『Graduation Work~ Original Pupcake』

Making an original designed pupcake (1 piece) / The ability to allocate time and steps is indispensable in the classroom

Use the techniques learned in the class to design and make your Only One pupcake.

*You can obtain the instructor qualification within just 1 day!


  • Students should participate in all 5 lessons starting from lesson 1.
  • You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)
  • Please note that the manufacturer’s inventory and the styles or colors of the items in the kit set may change.
  • After passing the graduation exam, you will receive a certification from Japan Salonaise Association in 4 weeks.
  • Every new instructor will receive a free gift from JSA, including recipes for your own use and a textbook manual.