Higashi & Hannamagashi Instructor Course

  • 8 hours
  • Course fee $4,600
  • Ingredients, Tools and Textbook $2,500
  • Certification Fee $1,500 (Certificate, free recipe for your own class x 3)
  • Annual Fee $300 (01/10~30/09)

 You can get the Certificate within 1 day!


📣The 3rd JSA’s long-awaited wagashi course!

“Hagashi & Hannamagashi Instructor Certificate Course” officially started in Hong Kong in May 2021!

At present, JSA has the “nerikiri” and “mizugashi” courses, which continues to gain very high popularity in Japan and abroad. And this time, we launched a new course specially designed for “Higashi” in Japan for the first time. In the course, not only Higashi, but also the skills of “Han-namagashi” can be learned.

This course is a curriculum that allows you to learn Higashi(2 kinds of Unpei・ Rakugan ・Egg rice crackers) and Namagashi (Ishigoromo ・ Suhama) which have low water content and can last for a long time, in a minimum of 1 day (8 hours) and you can acquire skills as an instructor in 6 lessons.

It is a very fulfilling course that you can learn 17 kinds of works and 40 kinds of techniques
in 8 hours.

After the course, you can put all your work in a wooden box and take it home. If you pack colorful
and beautiful Higashi and Namagashi in a wooden box, it will look like a jewelry box. This is a course
where you can learn JSA high artistic quality design while valuing traditional culture. In order to let
students learn from the basics, including the traditional techniques, origins, and backgrounds, to play
an active role after graduation with confidence.

The course is supervised by Wagashi professional Mr.Takayuki Naito from Kineya. You can also learn how to use both tradition and convenient tools to make wagashi easily


【Lesson 1】

🌼『Round Fan Senbei』(1.5 hours)

Learn how to make egg rice cracker dough, how to mold fan-shaped cracker, how to bake and imprinting.
As for you to make crispy and light egg rice crackers at home, we have developed the recipe with Wagashi professional Mr. Naito.

【Lesson 2】

🌼『Rakugan』(1.5 hours)

Learn how to make rakugan dough, how to use cutters (2 types), Coloring, and how to add flavor (strawberry, matcha, orange flavor).

It melts in your mouth well, and you will be able to make a full-fledged rakugan.

【Lesson 3】

🌼『 2 kinds of Unpei 』(2 hours)

How to make Unpei dough (2 types), Coloring, how to use cutters, how to make gradation color, how to make marble pattern, threedimensional drying, baking, and 3D modeling method (folded crane, ChiyoMusubi, Musubikiri, Kanzemizu)

Learn how to make two kinds of Unpei and express the four seasons of Japan

【Lesson 4】

🌼『Ishigoromo』(Matsuro)(1.5 hours)

How to make Neki An・ Coloring・ Seasoning・ How to add pattern(3 types)・How to make surimitsu・ How to apply sugar coating.  Make cute and colorful Ishigoromo that look like glass marbles.

【Lesson 5】

🌼『Suhama』(1 hour)

How to make Suhama dough, Coloring, Roll the dough, how to make flowers and leaves, how to skewer. In addition to the standard skewer dango, we will create suhama with typical JSA artistic design.

【Lesson 6】

🌼Graduation work (30 mins)

Using the techniques you have learned so far and create two original Suhama within half an hour.
In graduation work, you need to create works with your original design and allocate time for yourself, in order to become an instructor who has the ability to create their own course. Also, by passing the graduation exam, you will be able to act as an instructor immediately after completing the course.



  • Students should participate in all 6 lessons starting from lesson 1.
  • You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss it with us!)
  • After passing the graduation exam, you will receive a certification from Japan Salonaise Association in 4 weeks.
  • Every new instructor will receive a free gift from JSA, including recipes for your own use and a textbook manual.