Dim Sum Art Certificate Course

  • Course times: 6 lessons (12 hours)
  • Lesson fee: $6,800
  • Ingredients, Tools and textbooks: $ 1,500
  • Certification Fee $1,500 (Certificate, gift recipe x 3)
  • Annual membership fee: $300


The second dim sum course after Deco Steam Bun!  JSA is the first in Japan to start a qualification course specializing in “cute dim sum” such as dumplings, Shumai, steamed shrimp dumplings, XiaoLongBao…

Developed with a focus on “handmade from the skin”,  “genuine filling recipe with plenty of gravy”, and body-friendly dim sum using vegetable powder and natural edible pigments. This is a curriculum that allows you to learn how to make cute and authentic dim sum in a minimum of 2 days (12 hours).

This course was jointly developed with the instructors of JSA countries who have subsidiaries in Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and the staff of the day who have 15 years of cooking class work experience and cooking class management experience.

By learning 5 types of dough, 5 types of stuffing, and 20 types of wrapping that are suitable for each dim sum in 12 hours, you will be able to make various arrangements and cute dim sum from making skin at home. In addition, it is a recipe that allows various cooking methods such as steaming, baking, boiling, and frying. ※No cooking is done in the course. All the dim sum you make can be taken home in a “raw” state.

Course Details

【Japan First】 A course specializing in a new genre of “cute dim sum”.

This is a course where you can learn the colorful and cute dim sum art ® of [new genre] that is not sold anywhere. JSA has developed Japan’s first qualification acquisition course specializing in “cute dim sum”. Dim sum Art ®, which is not only cute but also has authentic taste and ease of use, is a perfect menu for hospitality.

Delicious dim sum art ® is sure to be a big success, such as having a dim sum party, inviting friends to lunch or dinner, or making it with children!

By making it by hand from the skin, you can reproduce the authentic taste and enjoy dim sum art ® of free color, size and design.

You can easily enjoy full-scale dim sum making at home. We have developed a combination of skins so that you can enjoy it even when it gets cold, so it will be very useful in the lunch box menu. In addition, it can be stored frozen in a wrapped state, so it is also attractive to be able to make it in advance.

We handcraft all the skins and ingredients from scratch and color them with vegetable powder and natural food coloring so that even small children can enjoy them with peace of mind. We hope that you can use the cute dim sum art ® made from safe and secure ingredients as your daily repertoire.


Lesson 1『Basic dumpling art ™ ~vegetable filling~』(3 hours)

Basic dumpling skin making, coloring method, how to use dumpling special tools, how to stretch the skin round and thin, how to make vegetable stuffing, how to make two-color dumplings, how to wrap dumplings (8 types), storage method, cooking Method (boil, grilled, steamed, fried dumplings) Learn how to knead and stretch dumpling skin, how to color it, and how to wrap it in Chinese traditionally(8 types). Using body-friendly vegetable powder and natural food coloring, we will make colorful and cute dumpling art ™ that you have never seen in Japan.

Lesson 2『Animal dumplings ™ ~meat filling~』(2 hours)

How to make skin suitable for modeling, how to stretch the skin for animal dumplings, how to make juicy dumplings, how to wrap animal dumplings (2 types), dumplings raw. How to make parts on the ground, how to draw a face

You will learn how to mix the skin suitable for modeling, how to wrap animal dumplings, and how to decorate.

There is no doubt that you will be impressed when such cute dumplings are lined up on the table or in your lunch box.

Lesson 3『Flower Shumai ™ ~Chinese Okowa~』(1.5 hours)

How to make shumai skin, how to color two colors, how to stretch shumai skin, how to use special tools for shumai, how to cook Chinese shumai, how to wrap flower shumai (4 types) In Japan, meat dumplings are the main ingredient for shumai, but “okowa” cooked with glutinous rice is common originally. The thin skin unique to handmade and the chewy rice cake are a perfect match. In this lesson, we will create four kinds of flowers, Shumai ™, Peony, Rose, Narcissus, and Hydrangea. The gorgeous flower Shumai ™ is a dim sum art® that can be the protagonist of dining tables and parties.

Lesson 4『Crystal dumpling art™~Shrimp bean paste~』(2 hours)

Learn to make crystal dumpling skin, how to make shrimp dumplings, modeling of crystal dumplings (5 types)

With the motif of “Japanese Wagashi” that JSA is good at, spring, summer, autumn and winter (plum, cherry blossoms, hydrangea, autumn leaves, snow rabbits) are expressed with dim sum art ®. JSA original dim sum art ® that is not found anywhere in the world.

Lesson 5『Colorful XiaoLongBao™』(2 hours)

How to make Xiaolongbao dough, how to make filling with plenty of soup, how to make 3-color Xiaolongbao, how to wrap Xiaolongbao. How to make, how to wrap Xiaolongbao. Learn how to make Xiaolongbao, which is said to be difficult to make in dim sum, with a recipe that is easy to make at home. Wrap the ingredients with plenty of gravy in a thin skin, and master how to wrap a dumpling with a lot of “folds”. The juicy and juicy exquisite dumplings are exquisite even if you arrange them into grilled dumplings

Lesson 6 『Graduation work』(1.5 hours)

Let’s design and make the one-of-a-kind dim sum art ® using the techniques learned in the course of making original design dumplings, thinking about time allocation and setup.

By taking the exam in the course, you can take lessons as an instructor immediately after graduation. (Including certified courses)

In addition, you cannot become an instructor just by taking the course, but you can play an active role as an instructor with confidence by passing the exam.


  • Students should participate in all 6 lessons starting from lesson 1.
  • You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)
  • After the end of the 6th lesson, must submit the application form of the association’s instructor qualification and carry out the certification process (Certificate fee $1,500 and Membership fee $300)
  • After registration, you will receive a certification from JSA. Every new instructor will receive 3 gift recipes and a textbook manual.