JSA Latte Art Instructor Course

  • Course times: 7 lessons (7 hours)
  • Lesson fee: $3,800
  • Ingredients, Tools and textbooks: $3,925  (without machine $2.635)
  • Certification Fee $1,500 (Certificate  Gift recipe x 3)
  • Annual membership fee: $300

JSA’s long-awaited first drink course has finally started!!

In this course, we specialize in “etching ・latte art” among latte art, and you can learn more than 40 kinds of technology from basic to applied and highly artistic design like JSA in a minimum of 1 day (7 hours).

Compared to “Free Pore”, which draws a pattern using only the movement of the pitcher pouring milk and the convection of milk, “etching” is easier for beginners to enjoy, and it is possible to create three-dimensional and colorful works with high design.

This first drink course was realized in a tie-up with Nestlé Japan Co., Ltd. Using “Nescafe Dolce Gusto”, which allows you to easily enjoy the authentic cafe menu at home, we have developed it with the motto “Easy to enjoy at home” and “Easy to start lessons”.

※ In this course, we will use the latest version of the popular NO.1 series, “Genio S”, which is simple and compact.

In this course, you will learn the basics and applications of three types of latte art, “etching ・ latte art” (a technique for drawing patterns with frothed milk), cream art, and 3Ⅾ latte art, which even beginners of latte art can easily enjoy. It is a curriculum that can be acquired.

Why don’t you acquire the design latte art ™ technology that will make your partner happy and impressed, acquire the cute design latte art ™ qualification, and become a teacher?

The skills acquired in the course will surely enrich your daily life~

Latte art course developed with a focus on ease and deliciousness.

Even beginners can challenge the world of latte art with peace of mind by using the machine and capsule of “Nescafe Dolce Gusto”, which is particular about convenience and deliciousness, without using a specialized espresso machine. With the deliciousness of freshly brewed and cute design, you can enjoy authentic latte art at home. In addition, because it uses natural food coloring, you can drink it with confidence.

This is a course where you can learn from the basics of latte art to the latest technology that is currently being talked about.

In addition to the basic latte art (etching), this is a state-of-the-art course where you can learn cream art and 3D latte art, which are now popular on SNS, in one day.

The cute and high-quality design latte art ™, which you can find in popular cafes, allows you to learn the techniques that can make you feel like a cafe at home and give people joy and excitement.

If you combine the techniques you have learned, you can arrange them freely. You will be able to create your own original latte art.

It is a technology that makes the other party happy and impressed at parties and hospitality.

Design Latte Art ™ is the perfect content for the current SNS era, making it easy for people to think “cute!” Or “I want to make it!” At first glance.

Since the curriculum allows you to learn from the basics to the application in the course, you will be able to freely combine and arrange the shape, design, taste of drinks, etc.

It is a big attraction to be able to express the feeling of hospitality and design latte art according to the image of the other party.

A complete course with a kit that you can review immediately!

Dolce Gusto’s machine body, capsules, and all the tools and materials needed for latte art are included in the kit, so you can review at home immediately after the course. In addition, since the materials used to start the course are easily available, the instructor can start the course with a small burden. Design Latte Art ™, which shines on SNS, will lead to more opportunities to attract customers by adding to the contents of cooking classes, sweets classes, bread classes, craft classes, etc., and by adding to the holding of seminars. This content is sure to be a big success even in the tea time after the lesson.

We use all-color textbooks that include not only what you have learned, but also the knowledge and arrangements of plus α.

The motto is “If you don’t understand something, you can understand it by looking at the textbook.”

The content is so fulfilling that graduates call it a “tutor textbook”, so you can concentrate on your practice without taking notes during the course.

Course Details

Lesson 1 『Etching (basic)   Cat & Daisy』  (45 minutes)

Learn the basics of “etching and latte art” such as how to use machines, how to use tools, how to pour foamed milk, how to make a base using foamed milk, and how to draw pictures using latte pics.

Lesson 2『Etching (application) Hugging rabbit』(60 mins)

You will learn how to draw illustrations in a well-balanced manner, how to draw outlines, how to draw delicate and realistic lines, how to draw letters, how to color foamed milk, and how to paint.

Lesson 3『Cream art (basic) Botanical message』(90 mins)

You will learn how to make cream suitable for cream art, how to pour it on the liquid surface, how to make cream canvas, how to use tools, how to color cream, how to draw flowers and leaves, and how to draw letters.

Lesson 4『Cream art (application) 3Ⅾ Rose Wiener coffee』(45 mins)

Learn how to make a gradation cream canvas, how to make cream suitable for flower squeezing, how to color, how to squeeze roses and leaves, and how to put roses.

Lesson 5『Ice 3D latte art (basic) Unicorn』(60 mins)

Learn how to make foamed milk for 3D latte art, how to color it, how to serve it three-dimensionally, how to make delicate shapes with foamed milk, and how to paint.

Lesson 6『Hot 3D latte art (application) dog』(60 mins)

Learn how to make 3D latte art with a large area, how to make two heads, and how to decorate to give a sense of transparency.

Lesson 7 『Graduation Work』(60mins)

You will be asked to create a glass of original design 3D latte art by making use of what you have learned so far. (Copyright designs cannot be used)

This work also serves as a graduation production test, so you will be asked to incorporate some tasks.

By taking the exam in the course, you can take lessons as an instructor immediately after graduation. (Including certified courses)

In addition, you cannot become an instructor just by taking the course, but you can play an active role as an instructor with confidence by passing the exam.


  • Students should participate in all 7 lessons starting from lesson 1.
  • You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)
  • After the end of the 7th lesson, must submit the application form of the association’s instructor qualification and carry out the certification process (Certificate fee $1,500 and Annual membership fee $300)
  • After registration, you will receive a certification from JSA. Every new instructor will receive 3 free gift recipes and a textbook manual.