Mizugashi Art Certificate Course Introduction (16 course works・40 technique)

• Course times:  6 lessons (12 hours)
• Lesson fee:    $8,500 
• Ingredients, Tools and textbooks:  $2,400
• Certification Fee  $1,500 (Certificate, Gift recipe x 3)
• Annual membership fee: $300


The second part of the Japanese Wagashi course expected by JSA!

Originally “Mizugashi” was used to describe fruits. However, in recent years, it has also been used to refer to water-rich jelly or Arrowroot-starch Mochi with high water content, or to have a “cool feeling”.

JSA pioneered the “NERIKIRI ART” course in Japan and till now still very popular all over the world. This year, our new course specially designed for “MIZUGASHI” was also launched for the first time in Japan.

Wagashi has a history of more than 1,000 years and is a reflection of Japanese traditional culture. The captured four seasons are perfectly presented by those cute and modern ‘Nerikiri’ art. Under the influence of Japanese exquisiteness and sensibility, it has been passed down through the long history. Therefor Wagashi can be said to be the most representative of the Japanese spirit. It is the most proud pastry of the Japanese.

Although most people think that wagashi is a purchased item, as long as you learn step by step, even beginners can make beautiful wagashi just like it is in the shop.This course will produce 16 works in 12 hours and learn 40 techniques for MIZUGASHI. Even inexperienced beginners can learn thoroughly from the basics, and master the necessary skills as a lecturer through 6 lessons.

This course Especially independent in『Mizugashi』among Wagashi. In 6 lessons you will learn how to use Yokan(羊羹), Kuzumanju(くず饅頭), Kingyoku kan(錦玉羹),Yoshino Kan(吉野羹), Mizore kanみぞれ羹, Awayuki Kan(淡雪羹)etc.,a method of perfectly presenting the four seasons and traditional culture of Japan with a symbolic cool image.
In addition, while delivering the beauty of traditional culture, this course can also learn JSA style and highly artistic styling design skills.

In order to enable students to learn the traditional techniques from the basics, and to understand the origin and background of Wagashi, and to be confident and active in this field after graduation. JSA specially invited Mr. Takayuki Naito, a craftsman with traditional techniques and knowledge to jointly design this course.
This course uses traditional Japanese Wagashi materials, tools and techniques to make the works look beautiful and taste delicious. It is a pleasant course to learn.

Hope everyone can enjoy the fun of making Wagashi and also spread the beauty and excellence of Wagashi with JSA.


【Course Details】
Lesson1『Raindrop~Goldfish Bowl Jelly~』(1.5 hours)

You will learn how to use Agar, how to make raindrop cake, how to make yokan, how to color, how to use mold, how to inject, etc.

Lesson2『Shaped Candy ~Butterfly・Ayu・Sakura・Leaf~』(2.5 hours)

You will learn 4 kinds of Han Namagashi(半生菓子) with cool taste and bright colors: Cold ice・Bright dried kingyoku ・Mijin Kan・KohakuTo(寒氷・艶干し錦玉・味甚羹・琥珀糖)
In addition, you will learn how to add lemon, sakura and matcha flavors to the Gashi(菓子).

Lesson3『Summer festival~Japanese Round Fan・Water balloon・Summer night sky~』(2 hours)

You will learn how to make Kuzimanju(葛饅頭) and Yoshino kan(吉野羹) by using of Yoshinohonkuzu(吉野本葛)

Lesson4『Early summer flowers~Water peony・Peony・Hydrangea~』(2 Hours)

You will learn how to make Awayuki Kan(淡雪羹) and Mizu Yokan(水羊羹), and use various techniques to express the flowers of early summer.

Lesson5『Four Seasons~Spring・Summer・Autumn・Winter~』(2.5 hours)

In this lesson, 4 different patterns will be made in a piece of yokan type. As long as the cut is continued, its cross-section will change into a pattern that shows the change of the seasons, which can be said to be a very artistic work.
In addition, you will learn how to make small parts, how to stick, how to make Kingyoku Kan( 錦玉羹) with high transparency, etc.

Lesson 6『~Graduation production~』(1.5 hours)

This lesson will make use of the techniques learned in the first five lessons to make an original design mizugashi.
Since the work also an exam for graduation production, there will be several requirements.
By attending exams in the course, you can start classes as lecturers immediately after graduation.(Including Mizugashi Art Certificate course). In addition, you cannot become an instructor as long as you complete the course. Only if you pass the exam can you be confident and continue to be active in this field as an instructor.

• Students should participant in all 6 lessons staring from lesson 1.
• You will not get any refund after the start of the course (If you really need to change the date, please discuss with us!)
• After the end of the 6th lesson, must submit the application form of the association’s instructor qualification and carry out the certification process (Certificate fee $1500 and Membership fee $300)
• After registration you will receive a certification from JSA. Every new instructor will receive 3 free gift recipe and textbook manual.